Crisis comes in many shapes and forms, colors and size, but it always has one constant element; surprise. Most crisis, even forecasted ones, appear at unexpected times. Thus, it poses challenges, both manageable and monumental , insurmountable and difficult, that need to be overcome.

It could be a financial collapse, negative publicity, fraud, legal wrangle, declining market share, an attack on the brand or corporate reputation, competitor onslaught etc. At every step, and practically all the time, leaders get tested. It is never easy, as they have multiple stakeholders to handle, satisfy and placate. Remember, in calm waters, every ship has a good captain.

Real leaders actually shine like a knight in shining armor when their organization’s are threatened. They emerge not only unscathed, but also winners in the long-run. Even if they frequently encounter short-term adjustments or are compelled to make a tough transitional change, they use the lessons to emerge stronger in the future